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Facial Care Starter Kit
Essence One

Facial Care Starter Kit

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Ready to experience fresh, clean skin with all-natural ingredients?  Start your 2020 off with a new start and try our most popular skin care products.  Any new skin care product or regimen requires at least 28 days of use to see the full effects.  The average time it takes for old cells to slough off and new cells to surface is 28 days.  So, how do you use this little kit in less than 10 minutes each day?  Let me tell you!


Cleanse - I alternate the charcoal bar and the facial grains each day.  I do this in the shower because it is convenient.  Just make sure not to get water in your facial grain bottle to avoid microbial growth!

Moisturize - I use 5-6 drops of the daytime serum in the morning.  If I am having an extra dry period, I'll use about 4 drops of the nighttime serum instead.


If you are me, you don't wash your face in the evening because you are lazy and can't wait to get to bed.  Haha, seriously.  However...

Cleanse - You can use the charcoal bar or the grains - you just want to make sure you are exfoliating with the grains at least three times a week for anti-aging effects.

Moisturize - Use 4-6 drops of the nighttime serum on your face and fall into bed.


Starter Kit includes:

- 1 oz facial grains

- 1 detox charcoal bar

- 1 Daytime Facial Serum

- 1 Nighttime Facial Serum


So easy!  And, your skin will thank you!