Essence One

Essential Oil Blend - Breathe

This harmonious blend of pure essential oils provides respiratory support with a refreshing, uplifting and mind-clearing aroma. The fusion of eucalyptus and spearmint together encourages you to close your eyes and breathe deeply while opening up your airways for an invigorating aromatherapeutic experience.

Key Ingredients

  • Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus)
    • May help ease congestion and sinus pressure. Revives energy and mental clarity
    • Uplifting. Clears the mind and aids concentration
    • Soothes exhaustion
    • Encourages a sense of support
  • Mentha spicata (Spearmint)
    • Reduces emotional agitation while improving concentration. Refreshing and uplifting. Eases physical tension in the head and neck
    • Refreshing and will encourage mental sharpness. An invigorating aroma that will revitalize the body and mind.

    Our essential oil blends have been formulated to be used in essential oil diffusers, diffuser jewelry, added to your favorite rollerball carrier oil and/or diluted on the skin. They are all custom blends created by Essence One. 

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