Est. 2016 Minneapolis, MN
Our Story

Lauren VanScoy founded Essence One in 2016...

to bring awareness to mental health and wellness through the creation of all-natural aromatherapy products. Her passion and dedication to natural products began after being caught off-guard by anxiety and depression in her mid-thirties. Lauren’s search for help led to her interest and eventual certification in aromatherapy. Crafting all-natural products that are uplifting and calming is one of Lauren’s joys in life. Each of our products have been formulated to help support an inspired and less-stressed life.

Essence One keeps mental health awareness at the forefront of every purchase by partnering with Bring Change to Mind, a national organization co-founded by actress, Glenn Close. Bring Change to Mind works to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness by helping students start mental health clubs. Essence One funded the very first club in the state of Minnesota and, with your purchases, will fund many more around the country.

Smell good.

We only use 100% pure essential oils and natural colorants – so you can trust we are only using safe, 100% natural ingredients in our products. No synthetics. Ever.

Feel good.

We believe that self care and wellness should be an easy part of daily life. Our aromatherapy products are natural, handmade, and formulated with your simple, everyday moments in mind.

Do good.

We care about the state of our world and give back to our community. Supporting Essence One means supporting mental health programs for adolescents in our local area.

How It All Started

November 2014

Lauren bravely shared her personal story with depression and anxiety. Launching a public conversation about mental health and sparking her passion for breaking the stigma.

January 2015

Lauren began making aromatherapy products to help support her own mental health journey.

April 2016

Essence One was born in Minnesota as an aromatherapy brand with a cause.

Summer 2016

Our Morning Calm Collection launched and was an instant best seller.

July 2018

Essence One grew out of its former home in Lauren's garage, and moved to its studio space in NE Minneapolis.

September 2019

The Essence One story was featured on Good Morning America along with our room mist, body oils, and rollerballs.

April 2020

Essence One expanded to national wholesale channels, spas, and retailers.

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