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Lauren VanScoy

Our Story

Hi, I’m Lauren VanScoy, the owner and founder of Essence One.  This business started after I had my second child and I started to feel different than my usual self.   I’ve always been a fun-loving and confident professional, wife, and mother, so was caught-off guard by the onset of depression and anxiety that left me feeling on edge and reclusive. I started going to a therapist who suggested medication - which did help -  but I wanted to find additional ways to support myself and my family’s daily mood and overall mental health.  Through my research (thank you Google) I discovered essential oils and aromatherapy.  

The aromas filled my home with the scents of nature and helped me feel calm and uplifted - ready to face the day. My family commented that they were getting fewer headaches and that the aromas made them smile.  They also started to see my fun-loving nature and confidence shining through more often.  I was feeling good and started to look for ways to incorporate aromatherapy into my daily routines.  Why should aromatherapy be “another thing” in my life? I wanted to feel calm and uplifted no matter where I was or what I was doing. Once I figured out that I could start making my own personal and home care products that were natural, calming and uplifting, I couldn’t stop.  It was so fun and energizing to craft beautifully smelling products.  I wanted to know and learn everything I could about aromatherapy so embarked on my Aromatherapist Certification in 2015.  

As an aromatherapist I began teaching my friends and family how to choose pure essential oils, blend them to create new aromas, and craft their own products.  After seeing the time and effort that goes into creating each product they asked if I could just make it for them. I gladly complied and in 2016 officially launched Essence One, LLC.  

For me, helping others who may feel like I did was a great joy but I wanted to do more.  Our children need help learning about and talking about mental health.  So, each year we donate a portion of our proceeds to Bring Change to Mind.  A national organization started by, Glen Close, that helps high schools create mental health clubs.  Our goal is to break the stigma around mental health, one student at a time.  

I am so grateful that Essence One, which started in my basement, has grown into a thriving business that helps each of you have moments of joyful calm throughout your day.  Whether you purchase your products online or experience them in one of our partner spa resorts or hotels, we are truly appreciative of your support of our women owned small business.  Thank you for being part of our family.

Smell good.

We only use 100% pure essential oils and natural colorants - so you can trust we are only using safe, 100% natural ingredients in our products. No synthetics. Ever.

Feel good.

We believe that self care and wellness should be an easy part of daily life. Our aromatherapy products are natural, handmade, and formulated with your simple, everyday moments in mind.

Do good.

We care about the state of our world and give back to our community. Supporting Essence One means supporting mental health programs for students in high schools around the country.

How It All Started

November 2014

Lauren bravely shared her personal experience with depression and anxiety. Launching a public conversation about mental health and sparking her passion for breaking the stigma.

January 2015

Lauren began making aromatherapy products to help support her own mental health journey.

April 2016

Essence One was born in Minnesota as an aromatherapy brand with a cause.

Summer 2016

Our Morning Calm Collection launched and was an instant best seller.

July 2018

Essence One grew out of its former home in Lauren's garage, and moved to its studio space in NE Minneapolis.

September 2019

The Essence One story was featured on Good Morning America along with our room mist, body oils, and rollerballs.

April 2020

Essence One expanded to national wholesale channels, spas, and retailers.

December 2023

Essence One became part of the 2% of woman-owned businesses that reach 1 million dollars in revenue in a year.

(Yahoo finance, April 2023)

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