Essence One

Ritual Kit Jar


Bring the spa home with you with our Ritual Kit Jars. They come in three varieties: Restful Night, Tranquility, and Rejuvenation and each is packed with 5 shower steamers, 1 mini rollerball, 1 mini mist spray, and 1 lip balm. They are a perfect gift!

Restful Night Ritual Kit:
Sleep Shower Steamers
Rest Mist
Sleep Rollerball
Honey Mint Lip Balm

Tranquility Ritual Kit:
Breathe Shower Steamers
Morning Calm Mist
Morning Calm Rollerball
Honey Orange Lip Balm

Rejuvenation Ritual Kit:
Energy Shower Steamers
Refresh Mist
Breathe Rollerball
Honey Mint Lip Balm

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