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Mental Health Awareness Gift Pack


We have just updated our Mental Health Awareness Gift Pack with new items!

The No Normal set includes:

  • 5ml Morning Calm Rollerball - just roll on throughout the day for an uplifting scent to help with energy and positivity
  • Honey Mint Lip Balm - moisturizing, refreshing and soft
  • 2oz Energy Mask Spray - spray on cloth masks throughout the day - this contains 70% alcohol and is scented with an uplifting citrus scent.
  • 2oz Grounding Hand and Body Lotion - deeply soothes and replenishes the natural oils of the skin with vetiver and orange providing a calming, grounding combination.
  • A Bring Change to Mind sticker (or similar)
  • A description card about these products, our giveback efforts and your personalized note.

*box size/color will vary based on availability

Join the Bring Change To Mind #NoNormal Movement. 💚  "Now, more than ever, we realize just how 'not normal' things can be/seem/feel. We are conditioned from a young age to want to be normal. So we strive towards unrealistic ideals of how we should look, feel, act, and think. The truth is, we are all different. What we like, what we do, and how our brains work. And that’s okay, because there is no 'normal'. Just be yourself and Bring Change To Mind."

Essence One is proud to sponsor the Maple Grove and Champlin Park High School Mental Health Clubs! They are receiving resources and platforms from Bring Change to Mind (BC2M) to keep connected. With every purchase of Essence One products we are able to sponsor more Minnesota mental health clubs! This set has everything someone needs right now.  Self care helps reduce stress and reduced stress allows our immune system to function as it should.  

Good for you, Good for others.


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