Essence One

Java Spa Bar Soap


This soap is the perfect natural exfoliant for dry skin as well as an easy way to clean grimy hands. The coffee grounds folded within this soap provide a natural exfoliant while the coconut oil, castor, shea butter and avocado keep skin moisturized. A light spa scent comes from the spearmint, lavender, orange and cedarwood essential oils.  If you need a good scrub, grab this soap.


Ingredients: Rain Water, Saponified Coconut*, Palm*, Castor, Sunflower*, Avocado, Jojoba, Cocoa butter*, Shea Butter*, Coffee Grounds*, Spearmint*, Cedarwood*, Lavender* and Orange*

*these ingredients are organic

**Because my soap is hand-crafted and hand-cut in small batches, please allow for slight variations in design, color, scent and size between bars. Handmade soap tends to be softer than commercial soap and to extend the life of your soap, use a soap draining dish, keep it out of the water stream of your shower or sink and allow soap to dry between uses.

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