Essence One

Essential Oil Blends

Finally!  The moment you have all been asking for!  Introducing, our new essential oils blends that have been made to be used in essential oil diffusers, diffuser jewelry, added to your favorite rollerball carrier oil and/or diluted on the skin. Our current offered blends are:
  • Energy - citrus blend, uplifting and restorative
  • Balance - woodsy, promotes confidence and peace
  • Morning Calm - minty, positive and calming
  • Breathe - clear and clean, brings clarity and positivity

*Limited time Holiday Blends*

  • Heavenly Peace - woodsy, calms nervous energy, revitalizes emotions
  • All is Bright - sweet mint, awakes and refreshes
  • Comfort and Joy, citrus and cinnamon, brings positive energy and comforts

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