Essence One

Aromatherapy Bracelet and Oil Gift Set

You don't want to miss out on this collaboration with Baubles and Bobbies of North Mankato, MN!  One of our favorite jewelry makers made an aromatherapy bracelet to pair with our essential oils, just in time for the holidays!  All you do is drop your favorite essential oil on the black lava stone, which is porous and can absorb essential oils, and off you go for a day filled with your favorite blend.  Choose your oil and we'll send this adorable gift set you way.

Our currently offered blends are:

  • Energy - citrus blend, uplifting and restorative
  • Balance - woodsy, promotes confidence and peace
  • Morning Calm - minty, positive and calming
  • Breathe - clear and clean, brings clarity and positivity

*please note, stones may vary in color and shape as no two authentic stones are the same

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