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Natural Deodorant LITE (for sensitive skin) 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant LITE (for sensitive skin) 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant LITE (for sensitive skin) 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant LITE (for sensitive skin) 2 oz Jar
Essence One

Natural Deodorant LITE (for sensitive skin) 2 oz Jar

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Sensitive Skin?  This may be the better deodorant choice for you!  This natural deodorant is easy to apply and made from basic, safe ingredients. It's paraben free and aluminum free. It's moisturizing and helps neutralize any odors as a result of sweat. It's ok to sweat, in fact it's good for you body, but you don't have to smell! Read here why you should sweat.

Perfect for expecting moms or nursing moms because it’s not full of harmful chemicals.  All you need is a pea-sized amount for each arm pit and you’re good to go.


  • You may need to apply once in the morning and a refresher later in the day the first week or two of use, if your body is not used to a toxin-free deodorant yet.
  • This product contains baking soda and essential oils so if you experience some irritation, try using it every other day. If irritation continues to occur, you may have a sensitivity to an ingredient and should discontinue use.
  • Each jar can last between two and three months, depending on your usage amount and frequency.
  • If product melts due to being exposed to warm weather or heat, just stir it up and let it cool down and it will solidify again.

    Offered in the following scents:

    Lavender tea – lavender, tea tree

    Grounding – vetiver, orange, lavender,tea tree

    Peace – patchouli, lemon

    Unscented – no scent

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    Jubilee .
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Gave it a second try

    I bought this product over a year ago but, at that time, I didn't like it. I could feel the baking soda rubbing against my skin and causing irritation. However, I've always loved the smell. So I gave it another shot recently. Turns out, this product is best applied with water. Now I grab some in my hands, wet it, turn it into a paste and dab it on. It is absolutely amazing this way!

    A Essence One Customer
    Erica N.

    I love all the products that Lauren has! My favorite is the Lavender Tea Tree Light deodorant. It smells great and has a great texture when you put it on. I also use the Honey Mint Lip Balm. It is the only mint balm that has not been too strong for me and it feels great on your lips. Lastly, I use the Morning Calm soap as a body wash in the morning. I feel like the peppermint really helps me wake up in the morning. All of the products are amazing, I don't think you can go wrong with any of them!