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Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar
Essence One

Natural Deodorant 2 oz Jar

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This natural deodorant is easy to apply and made from basic, safe ingredients. It’s paraben free and aluminum free. It is moisturizing and helps neutralize any odors as a result of sweat. And, it is completely ok to sweat, in fact it’s good for you body, but you don’t have to smell!  Read here why you should sweat. It is also perfect for expecting moms or nursing moms because it’s not full of harmful chemicals.


  • You may need to apply once in the morning and a refresher later in the day the first week or two of use, if your body is not used to a toxin-free deodorant yet.
  • This product contains baking soda and essential oils so if you experience some irritation, try using it every other day. If irritation continues to occur, you may have a sensitivity to an ingredient and should discontinue use but contact me - I'd love to send you an alternative with less baking soda.
  • Each jar can last between two and six months, depending on your usage amount and frequency.
  • If product melts due to being exposed to warm weather or heat, just stir it up and let it cool down and it will solidify again.


Offered in the following scents:

Lavender tea – lavender, tea tree

Grounding – vetiver, orange, lavender,tea tree

Peace – patchouli, lemon

Unscented – no scent

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A Essence One Customer
Emily M.

Loving the products, especially the deodorant and the sleep roller! Can’t wait to try more. So inspired by your story and your generosity in giving back. Way to go!

A Essence One Customer
Wendy J.

Love the Lavender Tea Deo - only natural deo I’ve found that works, smells good and it doesn’t cause me sores under my pits I also, LOVE the charcoal soap. I use it once to twice a day. My skin and body feel so clean after using the charcoal soap.

A Essence One Customer
Vicki L.

I had been looking around for a natural deodorant that actually worked for a while. I tried several but was never really happy with them. Then I tried Essence One, and I've never looked back. I love this deodorant! I'm also a fan of the lip balm and laundry shells. I highly recommend Essence One products!

A Essence One Customer
Kosta L.

Simply the best natural deodorant product I have tried. I'll admit I was skeptical about the finger application process, but now my fingers smell as good as my armpits. I am very impressed by the attention to detail, which includes the packaging and responsive customer service. Its clear they take pride in their products! Thank you

A Essence One Customer
Stef H.

The deodorants are amazing! I literally stay smell free the entire day- no other natural deodorant compares to it!